Python API for the website.


Whole API is splitted into four submodules:

abclinuxuapi package:

And one file with shared functions:


Module is hosted at PYPI, and can be easily installed using PIP:

sudo pip install abclinuxuapi

Source code

Project is released under MIT license. Source code can be found at GitHub:


A lot of features of the project is tested by unittests. You can run those tests using provided script, which can be found in the root of the project.

If you have any trouble, just add --pdb switch at the end of your command like this: ./ --pdb. This will drop you to the PDB shell.


This script expects that package pytest is installed. In case you don’t have it yet, it can be easily installed using following command:

pip install --user pytest

or for all users:

sudo pip install pytest

Some of the tests also require file login placed in the tests/ directory. If you don’t provide this file, tests from will fail.

Example of the login file:



$ ./
============================= test session starts ==============================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.6 -- py-1.4.27 -- pytest-2.7.0
rootdir: /home/Dropbox/c0d3z/python/interface/abclinuxuapi, inifile:
collected 33 items

tests/ ..........
tests/ ..........
tests/ ...
tests/ ...
tests/ .......

========================== 33 passed in 16.07 seconds ==========================

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